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Sell Your Preowned


Step 1: Submit Info – Get Estimate – Accept Offer
Step 2: Send In Your Watch
Step 3: Watch Inspection and Confirmation
Step 4: Receive Funds



  1. Submit Your Information (use form below)
  2. Get an Estimate
    Within 1-5 business days of receiving your submission, one of our expert buyers will contact you via phone or email with a proposed offer range. The greater the condition, the higher the value you can expect to get.
  3. Send In Your Watch
    If you accept our offer range, carefully package your watch so that it is safe and secure inside the box. If you have the original box and papers, please include them as well. Please ship insured for the full value of your watch as D’Ajelin will not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation if the package is lost, stolen, damaged or mishandled. Once your package is prepared, please mail your order to the following address: 

    836 N Broadway
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    If at any time in the process you decide you no longer wish to sell your watch to us, let us know and we will ship it back to you with no questions asked. Do keep in mind you are financially responsible for the cost of return insured shipping.

  4. Watch Inspection
    Once we receive your watch, we will carefully inspect its authenticity and condition.
  5. Receive Final Offer
    After the watch has been inspected and approved, we will contact you with the final offer.
  6. Receive Funds
    Once you have accepted the final offer, a check will be sent to your home


  1. Visit a Store
    Visit one of our stores and speak to a manager. You will be asked to present your watch in order for our experts to make an accurate assessment of its value.
  2. Receive a Quote
    Upon careful inspection of the watch, one of our experts will provide you with its exact value. You will have the option to either receive a check or additional value towards a trade-in.
  3. Sell Your Watch
    Once you accept our offer, you will hand over your watch to our expert buyer to be sent to our inspection facility.
  4. Receive a Check in the Mail or Receive Store Credit
    Once you have accepted the final offer, a check will be sent to your home. If you opt for the trade-in, you can purchase a watch that day or receive store credit for the future.





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